About Me

Kamal Husaini
Ahmad Kamal Husaini Bin Kassim
Event & Multimedia Executive (Digital Marketing)
217, Kampung Gaung,
21700 Kuala Berang,
Hulu Terengganu,Terengganu
Video Editing
Visual Effect
Graphic Design
Web Design
Office Word
AutoCAD Fusion 360
Office Excel

Experienced digital marketing executive with extensive experience building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Before joining a digital marketing agency, I was a dedicated Customer Service Representative dedicated to providing quality care for ultimate customer satisfaction. Proven ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships with clients. Excellent time management skills combined with superior knowledge of the customer service industry.

Multilingual, speaking Malay, English, and Japanese. hardworking, and ready to join my next team. 


Technical Solution II
DXC TechnologyMay 2020-March 2021
  • Support 7 client account via tickets,emails and calls.
  • Experienced with Citrix, Salesforce, ServiceNow systems.
  • Collaborate with other accounts to fill client needs.
  • Worked with a strong attention to detail and excellent record-keeping abilities.
  • Built a strong working knowledge of the company prcedures and protocols.
  • Developed a strong working knowledge of products and offerings.
  • Brought forth a self-motivated attitude.


Creative Media Executive cum Web Developer/Content Writer
Michi Global Sdn BhdNovember 2018- March 2020
  • In charge of video and content editing for marketing purposes. Designed and developed online class system using WordPress with interactive features.
  • Manages online sales using website and event media coverage.
  • Worked well independently and on a team to solve problems.

Creative Media Executive cum Visual Effect Designer
CreateR Tech Sdn Bhd (Nov 2017-Sep 2018)November 2017-September 2018
  • Managed marketing team especially social media marketing and designing 3D animated models for corporate videos.
  • Worked to evolve social media strategies, while also staying current.

Event & Multimedia Executive
Melancong Ke Jepun Sdn Bhd

Providing tour services to individuals/ groups traveling to Japan. 


MRSM Pengkalan Chepa2010-2011

Graduated with CGPA of 3.87

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Malaysia Japan Industrial Institute (MJII)2012-2015

Graduated with CGPA of 3.15

Degree in Mechanical System Engineering
Takushoku University2015-2017

Graduated with CGPA of 2.65